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Guide to Testosterone Therapy

A Guide to Testosterone Therapy skinetrin

Miami If you are one of millions of men across the planet that are currently suffering from low Testosterone levels, then you do not have to worry, as there are plenty of options open to you. One of the most effective ways is through what is known as Testosterone Therapy. Spotting the Signs of Low Testosterone Levels There are a few warning signs that will help you to notice if your Testosterone levels maybe dropping. skinetrin

One of the more obvious symptoms is a lack of libido, or sex drive. This lowering of libido can also be accompanied by other symptoms relating to sexual dysfunction, such as being unable to maintain or even start an erection. Other symptoms include irritability and lack of energy, amongst others. Before Beginning the Therapy In order to receive proper Testosterone Therapy, you will first need to be first diagnosed with having seriously low levels of Testosterone, and this is something that can only be done by a qualified Physician. As soon as you have been diagnosed with low levels of Testosterone, you will be given a course of treatment, which should help your body to improve the levels of Testosterone in your body. Once you have received your Testosterone Therapy Miami, you should begin to notice a change in the physical and mental symptoms that you have been suffering from. For example, you may notice that your libido returns, and there is less occurrences of sexual dysfunction. tonus fortis

During and After Testosterone Therapy Treatment As you are undergoing your treatment, it is important that you keep an eye out for side effects. Some of the problems that can arise from receiving testosterone Therapy include swelling, which can affect the legs, ankles and feet, as well as the development of breast tissue in men. Other side effects include, difficulty ejaculating during sex, mood swings and skin problems such as acne. skinetrin

To speak with a medical couch, please call (888) 804-1632 today to see if Testosterone149 is right for you! hallu forte

Testosterone for Women - by Mikhail N. Berman, M.D.
Lately a lot of buzz in the media is about Low T or low testosterone.... "Become a man you use to be" is a common term, regain your energy, improve your sex drive are common slogans. Only few raise the question -"If testosterone treatment are so effective and safe in rejuvenating men why it is not good for women?" Few people know that Testosterone is as important a part of women's hormone system as it is in men's. Like Eve was fashioned from the Adam's Rib Estrogen, the feminine hormone, that promotes development of female characteristics, is made in the body from Testosterone. Masculinity and Femininity are like Chinese black and white circle symbolizing mutual unity and opposition of Yin and Yang and every man and woman is combination of two. In women loss of testosterone which occurs with age, just like in men, beginning in early 40s is associated with similar symptoms of declining sexual desire, energy, and feeling of well being not only because of decreasing levels of Estrogens that are made from Testosterone, but also due to decline in testosterone action itself. Starting with early stages of menopause or from mid to late forties most women start to notice sexual problems such as decrease in sexual desire and interest, pleasure and global satisfaction from sexual activities which results in significant loss of feeling of personal well-being, personal distress and disharmony in relationships. This condition, if severe enough, is classified in medicine as Female Sexual Disfunction ( FSD), Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), Sexual Arousal Disorder, Orgasmic Disorder, Dispareunia ( painful sex ) and other. Sexual satisfaction is associated with better general health. More than 80% of women over age 30 believe that an active sex life is important for one's sense of well-being with higher level of physical pleasure in sex associated with higher level of emotional satisfaction. On the other end HSDD is associated with significant decreases in health related quality of life especially in mental health, social function and aching. It also had been observed that affected women more likely to be depressed, dissatisfied with their home and family life and with the emotional and physical relationships with their sexual partner. The overall effect of HSDD on women is similar in magnitude with other chronic conditions such as diabetes or back pain. Many factors influence testosterone function in women: Stress, fatigue, drug or alcohol abuse, certain medications such as antidepressants or Birth Control Pills, chronic conditions all reduce testosterone production and should be considered as cause of HSDD. On the other hand there is no level of testosterone below which woman would be considered deficient as it is in men, so testosterone levels are not a criteria by which the decision is made in regards to therapy. Large studies have shown that testosterone administration improves sexual desire, arousal, pleasure and sexual satisfaction and improves personal distress. Interesting fact is that it is not the conversion of testosterone into estrogen that facilitates this action, but direct effect of testosterone. This was proven by administering Testosterone to women who are already taking estrogens for the treatment of symptoms of menopause. What are the treatment options that are available for women who need to use testosterone supplementation? There is now a lack of approved preparations specifically suited for women, as opposed to men. Women require much lower doses of testosterone and overdose will result in such undesirable effects as acne, oily skin, hair loss and facial and body hair. The oldest and most researched method that had been used since 1940s is Testosterone Pellets. Those are small cylinders the size of rice grain of tightly compressed testosterone which are implanted under the skin of a buttock or lower abdomen and provide stable levels of testosterone for a period of 3 to 5 months. The other options are testosterone creams, patches and injections. It is important to mention that so far pellets produce much more pronounced effect on Sexual desire and orgasms than other modalities. Pellets usually start to work 2 to 3 weeks after implantation . Creams and patches are also used by many anti-aging physicians but the possibility of transferring testosterone to other members of the household need to be kept in mind especially when there are children present. The transmission occurs not only by direct contact but through bedware and clothes. Testosterone injections did not find their way to mainstream testosterone replacement for women but many physicians are experimenting with lower dose compounded solutions of testosterone for injections. There is no approved form of Testosterone to be taken by mouth as a pill. Of course there are contraindications for testosterone therapy such as Breast and other hormone sensitive cancers, free testosterone level in mid to high range for young women, pregnancy and lactation, troublesome achne or hair growth but Overall scientific evidence supports Testosterone treatment for the treatment of Peri and Post Menopausal women for treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder after careful evaluation by doctor. It is safe and and effective and does not carry serious risks and complications. Mikhail N. Berman, M.D.
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